Volkswagen Polo (automatic)

Volkswagen Polo (or similar model)

Group L. Automatic

An exquisite rental car with smart styling, an impressive interior and great engine. Its automatic transmission makes your life and vacations as easy as they get

Car Features:

Engine: 1400cc

Gearbox: Automatic

Fuel: Petrol

5.50 l/100km

Doors: 5

Passengers: 5

Luggage: 3

Airbags: 4

Driver Age: 23

Default Equipment:


Radio / CD

AC / Clima

Free Airport Delivery

Cretanrentals can deliver your rental car to any airport in Crete

Unlimited Mileage

There are no restrictions to how long distances you can cover

Cretanrentals automatic cars are meant for our clients that want a carefree driving experience above anything else. Models like the Volkswagen Polo will ensure that your vacation or trip in Crete will be as carefree as possible.

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