Fiat Doblo (manual)

Fiat Doblo (or similar model)

Group H. Minivan

Leisure activity rental van that is spacious so that no one will feel crowded. Provides an exciting driving experience for both driver and passengers

Car Features:

Engine: 1600cc

Gearbox: Manual

Fuel: Diesel

6.90 l/100km

Doors: 5

Passengers: 7

Luggage: 4

Airbags: 2

Driver Age: 23

Default Equipment:


Radio / CD

AC / Clima

Free Airport Delivery

Cretanrentals can deliver your rental car to any airport in Crete

Unlimited Mileage

There are no restrictions to how long distances you can cover

Rent a minivan from Cretanrentals to get enough room for your kids to play or even fit a group of friends for a more than comfortable road trip in Crete. Our 7-seater minivans, like the Volkswaggen Caddy and the Fiat Doblo provide our customers all the extra room they need for every one of their needs.

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